Sustainable Sourcing Of Agricultural Commodities

We are a small group of passionate traders based in Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America. We are building a commodity procurement system which is transparent, efficient and sustainable. We will fulfil your commodity needs at an affordable price using sustainable sourcing strategies. Please get in touch now.

About Mulhouse

Mulhouse Trading was incorporated in the UK by James Mash and Sachin Shende. The company was established to provide ethical, sustainable and green sourcing of agricultural commodities, ingredients and fresh produce.

The company differentiates itself by providing quality produce at an affordable price, being obsessed with customer care and by using a technology platform to provide full traceability and transparency in the supply chain.

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Why Mulhouse

A small team with deep expertise in the agri-food supply chains and access to a robust technology and data analytics platform will make sure to meet your commodity needs at an affordable price using sustainable sourcing strategies.

Our sourcing strategy is devised around your commodity needs. We believe each client is unique and hence you will get personal attention from us.

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Meet Our Team

We are a forward thinking team and understand that being at early stages with a digital and secure agri platform will potentially keep us in front and visible to a better audience. Mulhouse was established to synergise on James’s and Sachin’s expertise in the agri-food industry.

James Mash, Partner

James has been in the agricultural business for 26 years. His family have been in the farming and food industry for nearly 200 years which started on 2,000 acres in Hertfordshire growing soft and pommel fruit up until 1976 when the supermarkets were making a stronghold in the UK. From a young age James worked on the family farms and also in the family businesses in Covent Garden Market where they had a wholesale, import and export and a foodservice operation.

Sachin Shende, Partner

Sachin is a technology entrepreneur. He grew up on a farm, and combines the insights of a rural upbringing with recognised expertise in the development of data analytics and software platforms. He has previously conceptualised and developed software and data engineering platforms, built and scaled teams, raised venture funding and was involved in commercialising the technology.

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