Our Story

Mulhouse was started by James Mash and Sachin Shende with a vision of building a technology enabled, Grower-centric fresh produce supply chain company. James and Sachin had an idea of creating a brand that showcases the fantastic work done by Growers across the globe to produce the food we consume. They deeply care about the produce and their ambition is to deliver the best quality and a fully traceable produce to the consumers.

James Mash, Partner

James has been in the agricultural business for 26 years. His family have been in the farming and food industry for nearly 200 years. The family journey started on a 2,000 acres farm in top fruit up until 1976 and continued with its food service business. From a young age James worked on the family farms and also in the family businesses in Covent Garden Market where the family had a wholesale, import, export and a food service operation.

Sachin Shende, Partner

Sachin comes from a farming family and is a technology entrepreneur. He grew up on a farm, and combines the insights of a rural upbringing with recognised expertise in the development of data analytics and software platforms. He has previously conceptualised and developed software and data engineering platforms, built and scaled teams, raised venture funding and was involved in commercialising digital technology in the natural resources, financial and agricultural sector.

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