Our Produce

From crisp apples and juicy berries to lovely mangoes and nutritious avocados, wholesome fresh produce fuels our bodies with essential nutrients and vitamins. At Mulhouse, we take pride in delivering the finest and freshest fruits straight from the farm to your table.

Our produce is carefully selected and harvested at the peak of its ripeness to ensure maximum flavour and nutritional value. We work directly with the farmers to support sustainable agriculture and minimise our environmental impact.

From adhering to the best sustainable growing practices to using 100% recyclable material in our punnets, we're taking concrete steps to ensure that we don't pollute our planet. With our on-farm activities tracked and transparently shared with our consumers through a QR code, you can trust that our fresh produce meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Each Mulhouse punnet is a testament to our commitment to not only produce more and better food but also respect the Earth’s sensitive ecological balance.